Loan without commissions

Can you imagine getting a loan without commissions? Even if you don’t believe it, it is totally possible and you are very close to making it happen if you wish, because in Astro Finance you can request your loan without commissions.


Request your loan without commission at Astro Finance

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Do you need to have extra money urgently and do not know where to request it? If you want to receive in your account that amount you need to settle a debt, cover a hole or buy anything you need, that you know that in Astro Finance we offer you personal loans adapted to your needs.

In Astro Finance we give you the possibility of requesting a personal loan without paying commissions. We search, compare and negotiate with different top entities to get our clients the best loans. What we offer

  • Up to 50,000 dollars
  • From 4.75% APR
  • In 24 hours
  • In paperwork
  • No commissions

Although it sounds very beautiful, we assure you that it is totally true! We are totally transparent and if you take out your personal loan to Astro Finance you will not have to pay any commission.

The only thing you will have to do to request a personal loan with us and without paying any commission, is to download the Astro Finance app for your mobile and create an account. Once you have it, you just have to add your bank accounts and you can start squeezing the app.

You will see your “credit score” appear. This score indicates the health of your accounts, your financial or debt capacity. So based on it you can access a personal loan of up to 50,000 dollars.

Under what conditions? In Astro Finance we negotiate with the banks the best conditions for you, based on your credit score. The higher your score, the better the loan conditions you can access. So you will be able to enjoy an APR from 4.75%.

Also, all without paperwork. At most we will ask you for a screenshot of some documents just to verify that it is you, for your safety. But nothing more.


How much can you save me in commissions?

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It always depends on the amount of the loan. But it is money that you will have to count on if you decide to contract your loan in a financial institution that does charge you fees for the application.

The main ones are the opening commission (the price to pay for accessing a personal loan) and the study commission (which the bank charges for evaluating the loan application). Something that we offer you in Astro Finance completely free of charge to make it easier for you to access a personal loan.


Is it worth a loan without commissions?

loan without commissions?

Of course it is worth it, because you won’t have to pay them. However, it is important that you consider the origin of it. That is, the financial institution in which you are going to apply for this loan, since not all of them are safe and trustworthy.

At Astro Finance, however, we are completely trustworthy and we guarantee the best possible conditions for your personal loan; So you pay as little as possible for your money.

So if you want to get an idea of ​​the amount of money we can leave you and under what conditions, simply access from our app and you can see it yourself. You decide if you want to hire it now or later.

Remember that if you manage to improve your credit score every month, your loan conditions will also improve. So you might find it interesting to start saving money.